2nd Class 2022 Mrs Joy Class Requisites

Second Class Requisites List- Mrs Joy


Ormond Junior Sum Copy, 10mm sq – 40 pages

Ormond Sum Copy C3, 88 pages  – x2

Ormond Project Copy, 15A – 40 pages x1

Ormond Exercise Copy, A11, with margin – 88 pages, x4

Ormond Handwriting Copy B2

A4 Hardback Notebook

A6 Hardback Notebook

30/40 display pocket folder x2 – one is for Music

A4 mesh folders x2

Pencil Case – sharpener, eraser,  2B HB pencils x4, twistables or colouring pencils, and 30 cm Ruler

Pack of whiteboard pens/markers, low odour, can be black or multicoloured

Pritt Stick x2

Reusable Drinking Bottle

D Tin Whistle – you probably still have it from last year so that is perfect.

Fallons Table Book – you probably have this from last year also.

Please ensure that all books and copies are clearly labelled. Also, please label all of your other personal belongings – pencils, colours, jumpers, coats etc.



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