1st Class 2022 Ms Kenny Class requisites

1 st Class – Stationary
The following are items your child will need for 1 st Class in
o 2 A4+ size mesh zipper folders labelled with your child’s
o Small mesh folder/zipped pouch labelled with your
child’s name.
o 1x pack 25 laminating pouches – to be used to laminate
class resources.
o 2x large pritt/glue sticks, labelled with your child’s name
o 1x Ormond junior copy book (15mm extra wide ruled)
labelled with your child’s name.
o 1x A4 hardback journal for nursery
o 1x yellow Ormond plain day copybooks (blank pages
inside, no lines)
o 2x Junior Sum Copy 10mm sq
o 2x 15A Ormond project copy books (half blank, half
o A4 30/40 page pocket display folder
o Eraser and sharpener
o Colours (no markers – I would recommend something
like twistables)
o Triangular Pencils (at least 3) and pencil case.
o Pack of whiteboard pens/markers, low odour – can be
black or multi-coloured
o D Tin Whistle

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