Rang 1B – Mrs Joy’s First Class requisites

First Class Requisites List – Mrs Joy


Ormond Project Books, 15A, 40 pages ( x4)

Ormond Exercise Books 15, 40 pages (x2)

Ormond Yellow Copy  – blank, 40 pages (x2)

Junior Sum Copy 10mm sq, 40 pages (x3)

A4 zip mesh folders (x2)

A4 30/40 page pocket display folder (x2)

A4 Hardback Book

A6 Hardback Notebook

Fallons Table Book

Pencil Case – sharpener, eraser, 2B HB pencils x4, twistables or colouring pencils

Pack of whiteboard pens/markers, low odour – can be black or multi-coloured

2 large Pritt Sticks

Reusable Drinking Bottle

D Tin Whistle – hopefully music will go ahead this year

Please ensure all of your books and copies are clearly labelled. Also label your other personal belongings e.g. your pencils, jumpers, coats etc.


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