Rang 5 Equipment List for September 2019

Scoil Realt na Mara                 5th    ’19-’20                                          Thursday 20th June ‘19

Dear parents/ carers

I look forward to working with 5th class  in September.  The children will need the following items, in their school bags, from Thursday 29th of August 2019:

-1x 15A Ormond copy book (50 pages)

-2 x A11 Ormond copy book (88 pages)

-1 x C3 Ormond sums copy (88 pages)

-3 Ormond Manuscript Book (120 pages, soft cover, €1.30 in A4 Killorglin)

-2 x project files (50 cent each in A4)

They will also need the items below, many of which they already have from 4th class:

-music folder (please keep music from 4th class)

– Collins pocket English dictionary

-a table book

-an atlas

-a pocket calculator

-several pencils (2 for school, additional pencils for homework station at home) no biros-please

-a rubber, a sharpener and colours (no markers please-all to be labelled individually)

-a soft nibbed pen for handwriting (no biro’s please)

-a 30cm ruler

-a pritt stick

-mathematical set

All other books will be ordered through the school.  Please ensure your child’s name is on all of their belongings.  Wishing you a lovely summer break.

Thank you

Lisa Nolan Falvey

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