Rang 2 Equipment list for September 2019

Rang 2 Equipment List for September 2019.  Mrs Joy


2 x ormond Project Book 15A, 40 pages

3 x ormond Exercise Books A11, 88 pages

2 x ormond Sum Copy C3, 88 pages

1 x small zip mesh folder

2 x A4 zip mesh folders

1 x display pocket folder 

Pack of A4 laminating pouches

Pencil case

Sharpener and eraser

4 x HB pencils (“2B” is best please)

Twistables/ colouring pencils

2 x large pritt sticks

Reusable water bottle please for the school year


Please label all of the above for the school year and cover all copies please.


See you in August.  Have a lovely summer.


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