Rang 1 Equipment List for September 2019. Mrs Joy

Rang 1 Equipment List.  September 2019. Mrs Joy


3 x Ormond Project Books 15A, 40 pages

3 x Ormond Exercise Books 15, 40 pages

2 Ormond Copy books (blank), 40 pagese

2 x Junior sum copy 10mm sq, 40 pages

2 x A4 zip mesh folders

2 x 20/40 page A4 display pocket folders

FALLONS tables book

Homework diary

Pencil case

Sharpener and eraser

4 x HB pencils (“2B” is best please)

Twistables/ Colouring pencils

2 large pritt sticks

REUSABLE water bottle please for the school year


Please label all of the above for the school year.


See you all in August.  Have a lovely summer. Mrs Joy


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