Junior & Senior Infants Equipment List for September 2019


  • 1 A4 size mesh zipper folder labelled with your child’s name.


  • Small mesh folder/pouch (labelled with your child’s name) for sight vocabulary words.


  • 1 pack 25 laminating pouches – to be used to laminate your child’s ‘special book,’ nametags and photographs.


  • 2 large Pritt/gluesticks, labelled with your child’s name, for use with scrapbook/Art projects.


  • Colours (no markers – I would recommend something like twistables), pencils (at least 3) and pencil case. I appreciate that labelling colours and pencils in particular can be time consuming – but hopefully it should save you from having to repurchase these items at regular intervals.  So if possible, I would recommend that these be labelled with your child’s name as well.


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